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Fred was posted to Infantry Training Centre on the 18th April 1940 and this was his first near miss with death. During target practice his rifle mis-fired, he was ordered to keep firing, he hesitated and was given a dressing down. He explained that when he pulled back the bolt it was very tight, "rubbish" was the reply and he was told to fire again. This he refused to do, his rifle was inspected and sure enough a bullet had jammed in the barrel, Firing the rifle could have killed him.


Soldiers Service Book 1b

Soldiers Service Book

Soldiers Service Book 2b

Fredīs name was spelt wrongly as Frederick Collinson


He joined 1st Battalion on the 27th July 1940 arriving with a draft at Driffield  in Yorkshire and was posted to "B" Company.

Capt Murry Brown was the Company commander and Capt Philips second in Command.

It was at this time he met and became good friends with "Owain Dick Fiddament" L/Cpl 5772910. Fiddy had a quick wit which went with his sense of humor and patter,

While playing brag, dad was nicknamed "Shirley Temple" this was not meant In any way as an affront to his masculinity, due to a cold, dad had a very deep base voice, it was how they were and how there carried on.

Posted to Hessle near Hull. Fred was billeted upstairs at 140 Hessle road, with Fiddy, W.Mathewson (TOJO), Alfie Clements, and C/Sgt Collett.

Christmas of 1940 saw them having dinner with the officers and the occasional visit to the Beehive pub was not unknown.

More Training and antics continued at Fairfield, one particular night dad and Fiddy were on night base patrol; one of their duties was to light the soya stoves and wake the cooks at about 3am. They were having trouble as it was wet and of course very dark, which one had the bright idea to use some petrol?

The story goes there was civilian petrol, which was red and aviation fuel, which was blue, it all looked the same in the darkness, but when the match went in the chimney blew off!

"No need to wake the cooks now", someone shouting "and turn that bloody light off". Talk about being in the cookhouse.

Hessle Group Photo 1941.

1st Row Front (from Left)

    • 2nd - W. Mathewson (TOJO).

2nd    Row Front (From Left)

    • 4th - Bert Cornforth
    • 6th - SGT. Skuse
    • 10th  Major Wilkinson
    • 19th SGT Hickman

3rd Row front (From Left)

    • 7th - Freddie Holmes

4th Row Front (From Left)

    • 8th - Billy Williams(M.M. at Kohima)
    • 16th - Frederick Collison(DAD)

6th Row Front (From Left)

    • 3rd - Harry Horton
    • 7th - Ladbrooke
    • 8th - George Brown
    • 13th - W.Goodrum(apple-nocker).

Top Row (From Left)

    • 3rd - Alfie Clements.



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