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At the Norwich Enlistment Centre dad gave his and next of kin details. He had to supply his birth certificate to prove his was born 6th January 1920. He was shocked when told he had been Fostered, at the age of one year.

His mother "Margarette" had died in 1921 and his father "Robert" a Seaman felt it right for him to be in a complete family unit.

Dad was born "Robert Albert Ward" 1920 at Litherland, Liverpool. Finding out was a shock but did not alter the effection for his foster parents, so he kept his new name "Frederick Collison".  This is his story.

It is not clear as to when dad arrived in Kings Lynn or whether his Mother & Father "Frederick and Madeline Collison" were Lynn people?

Their address was 12,Argile Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

They also Fostered a girl "Doreen" who now lives in the U.S.A. 



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