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Fred married Ella Chinnock and had two sons Robert Alan and Peter Frederick, Rob was born on the 5th June 1948, and I was born the 7th January 1953.

Being a guard in the prison camps during the war gave him thoughts of joining the prison service at Norwich, but he was put off the idea.


He found work at the Eastern Railway. K.L. (photo bottom right), Lynn Fertilizers, Sugar beet factory, Relief channel "New Cut", Gas pipe line, Dow Chemicals and he retired from Beresford & Hicks furniture of Kings Lynn in 1985.

Dad had a long illness,18 months or more, he was on this drug, that drug, he eventually went to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a biopsy, a couple of days later we received a phone call at 04.30 saying dad had died! What a hell of a shock this was as we were thinking he was ok now, and would soon be home. He died of a massive gastro intestinal haemorage, an ulcer.

Like many others, dad never did talk about his time doing battle, it is enough that it was etched on his mind ( as I have never been in any of the services it is impossible for me to even begin to think how bloody it must of been ) No matter the person, those experiences will never be far away, they may fog with age but, a sound, a smell, a sight can bring it all back in an instant and reduce them to tears.

This is reason alone to remember and honour, too share a tear with the living and for the dead never to be forgotten.

Dad died 11th May 1988, this was his dispatch.


Fiddy parade marshell_2THE FORGOTTEN ARMY.

The clouds on the hills are slowly dropping as day draws closer to eventide among the mists of manipur.

The waterfalls and wild birds call are all that are left to mark the fall of those who fought and died among the cold gray mists of manipur.

They sleep eternal, calm and deep beneath the rocky hillside steep a ghostly shroud their only keep the cold grey mists of manipur.

 ( Lest we forget )    FIDDY.

Books for Reference;

At The Sharp End an oral history of the 2nd Div R.N.R. by Peter Hart.

Burma Victory by David Rooney

The Royal Norfolk Regiment  by Tim Carew


Thanks To:-

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have helped and advised me.

Dick Fiddament ; Who has shared his happy and sad memories with me and still has a sense of humour.

Arthur Futter ; Chairman of the Burma Star Association Lowerstoft  who also served with dad.

John Donavan ; Who has helped me out enormously on how to use a computer.

Ron Taylor ; Advised and guided me from the start and has given many hours of his time and understanding, and took this story from being private too being public, " you did me proud Ron" 

Thank you all

Peter Frederick Collison


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