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The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Norfolks, landed at Bombay in June 1942, and immediately embarked upon intensive training in jungle warfare and combined operations.

petes dad & mates

L/CPL. Smith - F.Collison - D.Crismas - B.Mathers - C.Gallerway   


For nearly two years the 2nd Battalion went through their training in India, where they got the nickname of the Forgotten Army. This is where Fred had his second close call with death. While out on training he settled down for some sleep and felt someone do the same behind him, when awoken the next morning there was the biggest snake they had ever seen curled up next to him.

In another incident a well respected Gurkha  was cutting meat in preparation for meal time, when a small black snake bit his hand, with only a very limited time before the bite took effect he chopped off his hand using his Kukri and pasted out.

In July 1943 dad was promoted to Lance Corporal, the Coy had been together (At this time) for three years. 10th March dad was appointed Acting Corporal.

DAD & CHARLIE in Ahmednagar
dad & mates in india

    Fred and Charlie - Ahmednagar  1942

B. Stoneman - F.Collison - R. Goodrum (apple-nocker)

The 2nd Royal Norfolks were still getting on with their jungle training through 1943 and into 1944; if they should not go to war by sea, then they would go by train, truck or on foot. In the event, they went soon enough and, as it turned out, by air.



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