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Dad was transferred to "A" Coy and on the 12th July 1944 Dad was granted rank of War Substantive Corporal. He was transferred to Independent Command Depot on the 26th November 1944.

At the end of 1944 "B" Company  were filmed sending Greetings home to family & friends the Norfolk brogue unmistakable, the messages having the same content.

Fiddy 1944 still off film_2

"We are doing well and looking forward to coming home, old mate"


Fiddy is on this film and Dad  being  in "A" Coy was standing out of picture being a pratt pulling faces.

In January the following year, only three days after his birthday, he was posted to the 34th..

He rejoined the  2nd Battalion on the 16th April at a reinforcement camp where he was appointed Acting Lance Sergeant, latter on September 26th he was made up to Lance Sergeant 26th.

His rank reverted back to War Substantive Corporal on 26th October 1945 and was posted to 2nd Holding Battalion 16th November 1945.

For some the turmoil of Kohima could not be overcome. While the Battalion was waiting, the effects of the war took its final toll on a solider, he walked away from camp and shot himself dead. Who knows what torture was being played on his mind, this man had battled through everything that had been thrown at him, only to have memories, "Win The Last One".

On the 18th February 1946 Posted to Headquarters 23rd Infantry Brigade.

The unrest against the British being in India was still evident after the Japs had been beaten, Fred was caught up in anti- British demonstrations and received concussion and a broken wrist, not a farewell tribute expected.



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