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Life of Riley

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Mystery Picture

The story that would bring us together.

1999 saw the 50th wedding anniversary of Dennis and Edna and a reporter was sent to cover the Lord Mayor visiting the couple at their home. The reporter asked Dennis if he had any unusual stories or events that would be worthy of a few lines.

Seven years later, this book came to be written

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The cuttings of the story in The Nottingham Evening Post

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Miraculous Story: Dennis Riley - together again with Majorie and Iris

Veteran of Burma enlists help to solve photo riddle

Old soldier Dennis Riley asked the Post to help wrap up a mystery that started nearly 60 years ago, when he was a prisoner of war in Burma.

As he peered into the muddy crocodile-infested Kuching River, a photograph of two women floated past.

Amazingly he recognised them. They were from his home town of “Chilwell, 1939”. The women in the picture were Iris and Marjorie who lived in the Marlorough Road area.

Dennis, now 81, cleaned and kept the picture, a small shred of confort for him through those ghastly years - which he describes as “Hell on Earth” while held captive by the Japanese.

He told the post “ My theory was that it belonged to a fellow soldier, either a relation or a sweetheart of one of the two women, who carried it with him before losing it or being killed in action.

Dennis had often wondered what had happened to the women, but was only when he read about our Together 2000 Campaign that he tried to track them down.

And we helped him find both.

Iris still has a copy of the same picture.






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