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Life of Riley

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Leaving Oesthaven


The commissioner of Sumatra had decided to make his escape from the country as quick as he could before the Japs arrived. His new driver drove him to a jetty where a boat was waiting to take away the evacuees. After saying goodbye to the Commissioner, the driver asked what he was to do with the car.

“That car….. is now yours,” he said before turning and boarding the boat.

The driver was aghast as he returned to the vehicle and drove over to the roadside after spotting Dennis and his crew beside the train.

Walking over to Dennis and the lads, he told them the tale of his new car. But then he asked, “What the bloody hell am I going to do with it?”

None of the gun crew had any idea either as they were now ready to vacate the area the same as everyone else. The driver, deciding that the gleaming luxurious Cadillac was too good for the Japs, did no more than put it into gear and drove it straight into the sea.

After a search, the troop finally managed to get aboard a small steamer boat and began the short voyage across the Sundra Strait to the neighbouring island of Java.






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