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Life of Riley

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Action Stations

Dennis often wondered how orders were carried from A to B when they were out in the ‘wild,’ but true to form, they were again ordered back to the “IPOH” for the night. Dennis wasn’t too happy about this as he had been offered accommodation from a Dutch family. But orders are orders and he returned to spend another night in the hot, humidity of the stinking “IPOH”.

The next day saw them back at Pladjoe as information was received that a flotilla of Jap boats were heading up the river toward the oil installations.

Major Cutbush had a plan to flood the river with fuel from the storage tanks ashore, and set light to it when the Japs came up the river. This plan was abandoned due to consideration given to the many native villages along the river banks. Part of the regiment headed for the P1 aerodrome. Dennis was in this group.

The aerodrome P1 was targeted by the Japs and attacked several times, and although several thousand RAF ground personnel that had been evacuated from Singapore were in the area, most were unarmed. Dennis now joined his gun crew and taking over a Dutch Bofor, fired on the incoming planes and paratroopers.






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