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The World War 2 Japanese Prison Diaries of

Alexander John James



        Defining Life of PoW at Chosen Defining Life of PoW at Chosen

        Jinsen Jinsen

        Keijo Keijo

        Jinsen Roll Jinsen Roll

        Miscellaneous Korean Rolls Miscellaneous Rolls



[Alex John James] [Introduction] [To Singapore] [Singapore Under Siege] [Into Captivity] [Singapore to Korea] [Korea] [Life of PoW at Chosen] [Jinsen] [Keijo] [Freedom] [Alex Summery] [Appendix - Notes] [Appendix - Rolls] [Appendix - Speeches]


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[Alex John James] [Introduction] [To Singapore] [Singapore Under Siege] [Into Captivity] [Singapore to Korea] [Korea] [Freedom] [Alex Summery] [Appendix - Notes] [Appendix - Rolls] [Appendix - Speeches]


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