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The World War 2 Japanese Prison Diaries of

Alexander John James



        Diary 1945 Aug. 15th  - Nov. 10th - Diary

        Pamphlet Keijo Aug. 20th. 1945 Pamphlet Keijo Aug. 20th. 1945

        Liberation Liberation



[Alex John James] [Introduction] [To Singapore] [Singapore Under Siege] [Into Captivity] [Singapore to Korea] [Korea] [Freedom] [1945 Aug. 15th - Nov. 10th] [Pamphlet Keijo 1945] [Liberation] [Alex Summery] [Appendix - Notes] [Appendix - Rolls] [Appendix - Speeches]


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[Alex John James] [Introduction] [To Singapore] [Singapore Under Siege] [Into Captivity] [Singapore to Korea] [Korea] [Freedom] [Alex Summery] [Appendix - Notes] [Appendix - Rolls] [Appendix - Speeches]


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