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Far Eastern Heroes

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To the many who have researched the men and women who fought in the Far East, they hold our utmost respect.

They fought an enemy who were not only trained for jungle warfare but who were also better equipped.

Their battle carried on into captivity, a battle to survive, many did not make it, the odds were stacked too high against them.

After three and a half years in Japanese hands, the ones left, still fought on, the battle would last their lifetime and hopefully end, the day they meet their maker.

These pages are dedicated to these men and women, all are heroes, Far Eastern Heroes.


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Funk Holes of Singapore

By Jon Cooper

The POWs in Changi were assigned to work parties starting in the spring of 1945 and, in the coming months, groups designated as the ‘X Parties’ made their way to various camps around the island. These parties were to build Funk Holes in Singapore Island.



Under the Heel of a Brutal Enemy

By Chaplain L. Marsden

The valiant Eighth was swept into captivity at the fall of Singapore, after a bitter defence of the Malayan Peninsula, against picked Guards Divisions of the Imperial Japanese Army. Many stories of their experiences have since been told, but this story is unique. It follows the ‘H’ Force and ‘F’ Force to the Thailand -Burma Railway.



Pilgrimage to Ballalae

By Beryl Canwell

This story starts over 60 years ago, in November 1942, when 517 officers and men of the Royal Artillery, prisoners of the Japanese, arrived on the small island of Ballalae in the South Pacific, one of the Solomon Islands, to help construct an air strip. Not one of those 517 men survived beyond June 1943. 600 Gunners Party.



Sketches of War

Sketches by Des Bettany

Story by Keith Bettany

Des Bettany, after seeing action in Europe in WW2 was evacuated from Dunkirk and posted to North Malaya. He was eventually imprisoned by the Japanese at various prisons camps on Singapore Island with some 100,000 other prisoners of war (POW’s) . You may well ask, how did he make it through all of this? Well, he painted to keep his sanity. 



No One Will Believe You

by Mark Hopwood

Alf was attached to the 2/3rd MAC (Motor Ambulance Convoy) with the second Australian Infantry Force (AIF), 8th division in Malaya and became a prisoner of war of the Japanese from 1942 to 1945. Transported to the Thailand-Burma Railway as part of ‘K’ Force.


Uncle Charles Memoirs

Compiled by Kevin Snowdon

After Christmas I was informed by letter that I had to report to Fenham Barracks, Fenham road Newcastle-upon-Tyne. To have a Medical Examination. On Monday the 15th of January at 9am. These Barracks were the home of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Transported to the Thailand-Burma Railway


War Starts in the Pacific

Supplied By Cynthia Guest

It, has just occurred to me that you are probably interested to hear of my experiences just prior to,  and during the war, such as they are.  So, I hope they don’t bore you, the way I tell of them, here they are to the best of my recollection.


Funk Holes of Singapore

Supplied by John Morrision

Army life commenced for Thomas Taylor Morrison in early 1939 as a driver in the Territorial Army 528 Company Royal Army Service Corp (R.A.S.C.), 52 Lowland Division,Yorkhill Barracks, Glasgow.


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