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Uncle Charles Memoirs

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My Uncle

Charles William Nicholson


Compiled by Kevin Snowdon


After Christmas I was informed by letter that I had to report to Fenham Barracks, Fenham road Newcastle-upon-Tyne. To have a Medical Examination. On Monday the 15th of January at 9am.

These Barracks were the home of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Then arrived the fateful day a miserable, damp, cold Winter day. The worst Winter we had had for years. After kissing mother good-bye I caught the Electric Train from the Percy Main Railway Station to Newcastle, fare 9 pence return (the same fare now costs 2 pounds return 1993), then the Tramcar to the Barracks. That year 1940, was one of the worst Winters for many years.


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Also my greatest respect for the children of Charles by allowing Kevin to quote from their father’s memoirs.


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