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John MacMillan

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Royal Navy


Ordinary Telegraphist

Prince of Wales

John ‘Johnnie’ MacMillan


1941 - 1943


John was a native of Tarbert, Argyll. He survived the sinking of the Prince of Wales, only to be captured off Banka Island, trying to flee the Japanese. He survived captivity in Palembang, Sumatra and later Changi, before returning to Tarbert, where he lived with his wife and two daughters. "Johnnie" wrote a fine account of his experience when the Prince of Wales sank, kept a diary of his time as a prisoner of war and is also mentioned frequently in the book "Prisoner of Nippon," by Ray Stubbs.

John’s diary ended in March 1943, he still had two and a half  more years as a prisoner before he was liberated.

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Sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse Sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse

Into Captivity Into Captivity - December 31st 1941 - February 18th 1942

DataIcon Captivity - February 19th 1942 - March 1943


Sadly John ‘Johnnie’ MacMillan passed away in 1994.



The diary was retyped and submitted by Jimmy McCallum.

With kind permission of Mrs. Jessie MacMillan and Ms. Joanne MacDonald.

The diary is copyright of John’s wife Jessie and daughter Joanne. It must not be copied, or reproduced without their permission.


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