Sketch by Jack Chalker

February 1942

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Captivity:- February 1942


Thursday 19th.

Spent night in cinema on hard floor. Fed on rice and more rice- get two plates of unpolished rice a day. Can scarcely eat it. Hundreds of lives lost at sea.


Friday 20th.

Shifted to new quarters during afternoon. 20 men to a room, lying packed on a floor, with ants, etc, crawling over us. Place well guarded all the time.


Saturday 21st.

Now get sugar with rice. Stokers taken away to work engines. Violent thunderstorm during the afternoon with heavy rain. Rice now got some taste, but still unpalatable.


Sunday 22nd.

Had hen today for dinner, which we caught yesterday. A welcome change from rice. Raid by RAF on island, flying very low. Landed number of bombers and fighters on drome today, so I expect that Sumatra is next on the list. Expect will be posted as missing. Officer shot.


Monday 23rd.

This life of inactivity is killing us. Nothing to look forward to except our 2 meals of rice a day. No papers, or literature to read at all except a bible, so what could be better.


Tuesday 24th.

About 1300 (?150/0?) prisoners here. British, Dutch and natives. Americans and Chinese treated very badly by Japs. Raid by RAF during morning. Sing song at night.


Wednesday 25th.

Out in working party all day in the rain and soaking wet. The Japs now working us to death, but quite civil. Their army left tonight for north.


Thursday 26th.

Out working again. Japs now show their true colours, kicking, punching and beating us with sticks. RAF bomb drome.


Friday 27th.

More survivors arrive in today, over 48 hours in water. Some grim tales of suffering. Legs sawn off with jack-knife. Stories of heroism and endurance unlimited. At Muntock.


Saturday 28th.

Out on working party on board coaster loading barges. Hard work. Still surviving on rice but, manage to make do with roots and papias and chapatti. 6 escaped tonight.






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