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Chapter XXII


I wasn't finished with the Japanese when demobbed as by some chance I was selected to give evidence against the worst bastard Japanese individual, I have ever had the misfortune to come in contact with, and he was Terramoto the Camp Commandant at Kon-Kwita area, and I was told I may have to fly out to the War criminals Tribunal sitting somewhere out in the Far East and I would have gladly gone, if it was only to see the pig in captivity, although I knew he would never be subjected to the terror and atrocities that he administered to thousands of prisoners of war or natives, whilst he strutted about the jungle railway like a maniac.

I gave a written statement of evidence on oath, before a Commissioner for oaths, regarding the ill-treatment metered out by this officer, and I suppose other prisoners were also requested to give an affidavit against him too, as he was the terror of the Burma railway, never at any time showing any mercy to any prisoner or native.

Let it suffice to say, I have seen reports that Terramoto was hung by the neck and I am sure the world would be a better place without him and many prisoners and natives would rejoice at the news of his end.

Upon reflection, the Japanese had many ‘myths’ cast upon them and let me mention a few. “Hari-Kari” before surrender, was a load of rubbish and only one of them had the guts to do so in my theatre of the war. “Koma-Kazi” which means the pilot crashing his plane into the ships he was attacking, well the air attacks I saw the planes all came in on a flattish gradient or they bombed from a height beyond the flack region and always indiscriminately. “Japanese chivalry”, what a joke!! “Flower arrangers” what a laugh!!

I haven’t a single happy memory of any Japanese soldier or civilian, man or woman and for confirmation ask any other prisoner who survived life in their hands! And they were just as cruel to any animal or living thing.

A lot of sympathy has been given to those who suffered in the atom bombing of two cities in Japan, but has anyone any record of any Japanese uttering any apology to the captives who lost their lives in conditions as bad if not worse than any atom bomb, or the thousands maimed or so ill through maltreatment that they are human wrecks or the thousands who survived all the misery, torture and deprivations administered by their fathers, brothers or uncles, NOT A SOUND WAS HEARD…………………..


The End



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