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Today, January 12th 1998, Japan officially apologized for their cruelty to Far East Prisoners of War, when Japanese Premier Ryutaro Hashimoto shook Mr Blair's hand and said Sorry !

Sorry ! for the three and a half years torment as a Japanese POW,

Sorry ! for not paying the POW's for building them a railway in under two years when their engineers said it would take six years to build.

Sorry ! for Japan making money by selling the railway,

Sorry ! for the men who died. (the railway was 415kms in length, over 150 million cubic feet of earth was moved, and nine bridges were built, this included the Bridge over the River Kwae, Tamakan Bridge, the cost in lives was 16,000 allied troops and over 100,000 Asians, later it was said 'for every railway sleeper laid, a life was lost').

Sorry ! for taking over 50 years to apologies,

Sorry ?

"No apology or money will bring the lads back" (Private 5776807)







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