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My Youth
Sailing to War
Under Siege
Death Railway
French Indo China
Going Home
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Frederick Noel Taylor


Royal Norfolk Regiment

4th Battalion

18th Division

Todays events are tomorrow's history, the problem is most people living now do not realise the importance of recording the event for future generations, unless it is written down it is lost forever. Accounts of events that happen whether taken from a diary or written for news, become a valuable source of information for the historian.

The following chapters are taken from a diary and letters of a young man in his late teens and early twenties. When writing down his thoughts he didn't think them to be spectacular, but from the time he went to fight for his country his life changed and it will take longer then his lifetime for the memories to fade.

My Youth My Youth (1918 - 1939)

Enlisting & Training Enlisting and Training (October 1939 - October 1941)

Sailing to War Sailing to War (October 1941 - January 1942)

Singapore under Siege Singapore Under Siege (January 1942 - February 1942)

Railway of Death Railway of Death (February 1942- 2nd February 1945)

French Indo China French Indo China (February 2nd 1945-August 18th 1945)

I'm Going Home I'm Going Home (August 18th - October 22nd 1945)

Sorry Japanese Official Apology (January 12th 1998)

Prologue Prologue



Ron Taylor - I used dad’s diary he wrote on his way home and also the audio recordings on the tape recorder I set him up with in the 1990s.

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