Sketch by Jack Chalker

Kranji War Memorial





Service number 77336.

Mentioned in Despatches for distinguished service, 1st October 1946.





John Wanless is commemorated on column 445 of the Kranji War Memorial, Singapore.

An aerial shot of the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Victoria, Pulau Labuan (in the Bay of Brunei), Federal Territory, Malaysia, where Australian investigaters have established (1998) the remains of JTW & 44 other prisoners are interred. They are buried under the 'Known to God' markers. The remains of these men were found in a shallow mass grave adjacent to Jungle camp no.2 at Ranau, West Coast Division, Sabah, Malaysia, where they perished in late June, early July 1945.


The Pebble Memorial raised in 1986 in the grounds of the SIB Church; the site roughly of the first & main POW camp at Ranau, & the terminus of the Death Marches of 1945.



Research & words by John L. Hyde.

Photo of Kranji inscription by Mac Lewis

Other Photos by John Hyde: Commonwealth War Cemetery Victoria, in 1965, taken from Tony Farrer-Hockley's plane; The Pebble Memorial in 1996.

From a web site page by Stuart Hill.



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