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Dick Swarbrick's War

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 Dick Swarbrick’s War

2nd Battalion

Loyal's Regimental

by Dave Swarbrick

This is an account of the wartime experiences of Dick Swarbrick, eldest son of Richard and Queenie Ethel (Luscher) Swarbrick. Dick was born on the 30th March 1916 at St Mary’s House, Friargate, Preston. St Mary’s House was the lodge or gatehouse of St Mary’s Catholic Church, now, sadly, demolished. When he was in his early teens Dick, who had a life-long love of animals, began work on a farm. However, despite the presence of the animals, the life of an agricultural labourer was not one that held any long-term appeal for him. Consequently, after some seven years, Dick left the land and enlisted in The Loyals on 24th July of 1937.


    Training Training

    Singapore Singapore

    Japanese Invade Japanese Invade

    Singapore Falls Singapore Falls

    Fukai Maru Fukai Maru

    Fusan - Korea Fusan - Korea

    Jinsen Camp - Korea Jinsen Camp - Korea

    Konan Camp - Korea Konan Camp - Korea

    Going Home Going Home


Dick died

18th December 2002 at his home in Weybourne, Surrey

 May he rest in peace



Our thanks to Dave Swarbrick for giving us the opportunity to read his research into his uncle Dick’s wartime experience


Dave would like to aknowledge the use of material researched by the following sources.

Prof. Fran de Groen - A/Prof Fran de Groen - School of Humanities - University of Western Sydney -

Australian War Memorial -

AWM Encyclopedia - Articles by Helen Masterman-Smith & Pro. Fran de Groen



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