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Letters to Tom

11th March 1942



Capt. B. Savory

5th Bn. The Royal West

Norfolk Regt.

At Sea

6th March 1942

Dear Tom

Have reached Colombo. We landed the day before yesterday and are put up on kind of camp beds round a swimming pool at the best hotel in the place, where they do us very well and we feel just as though we are on leave, but I don’t expect it will last long as wherever we go no-one will ever own us but just pass us on to someone else. However it is very nice while it lasts.

I called on Herbert Sherwood yesterday and hope to spend a night at his house tonight ot tomorrow. He asked me to stay with him all the time that I am here but as he lives 9 mile away I couldn’t do that. His wife and family are living at St. Austell in Cornwall. This is an expensive town but very nice. Our hotel has a lovely situation, absolutely on top of the beach, as Uncle Harrison would say, it would take a lot of this to kill me.

Will you do your best to get the news about our officers passed round as I don’t expect their relations have heard anything definite. Tell Dorcas that Charles’ wound is nothing much, it only made him stiff so it was difficult for him to move quickly. Douglas has told his wife to get in touch with John Alley about getting news round, so perhaps you will do the same. I sent Winnie a wire yesterday to let her know that I am still alive and kicking. We weren’t allowed to write or cable from Java, or I would have done something about it earlier. Incidentally, in case you get badgered for information by the men’s relations, our party consists of:-

Sgt. Wilson (Provost Sgt.)

Sgt. Catting

Cpls. Disdale & Cocks (Signal Pl.)

Cpl. Varter and Pte. Catting (Carrier Pl.)

as well as the officers.

Pitch was in the party and is now probably in Australia.

Cadwick of “C” Company has joined us since we started.

Don’t forget to pass this letter round the Family.



The End

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