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Truth About Singapore

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Internees Truth About Singapore

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War Crimes Document

The Internment of Civilians in Singapore By The Nipponese Authorities

February 1942 to August 1945

The foregoing preliminary report on the treatment of civilian internees in Singapore by the Nipponese Authorities

Introduction Introduction

Phase 1 - Nipponese Army High Command in Malaya Phase 1 - Nipponese Army High Command in Malaya

Phase 2 - Military Administration Dept. Singapore (M.A.D.) Phase 2 - Military Administration Dept. Singapore (M.A.D.)

Phase 3 - Nipponese Military Police (Gestapo) Phase 3 - Nipponese Military Police (Gestapo)

Phase 4 - Nipponese Army High Command Malaya Phase 4 - Nipponese Army High Command Malaya

International Red Cross International Red Cross


This Report was Compiled from Official Records by

C.E. Courtenay

And Approved by

C.E. Collonge ..... Men’s Representative

J.R.W. Collett MBE ..... Commandant, North Area

J. Weekley ..... Commandant, Central South Aria

M.H. Blacker ..... Commandant, South Area

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Keeping the Faith Keeping the Faith - Leonard Wilson


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