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Appendix 5

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Other Relevant Bibliography


1. “Out East in the Malay Peninsula” by GED Lewis (1991 Penerbit Fajar Bakti Sdn. Bhd) an autobiography of Dr Gerwyn Lewis (1912-1999) including his experiences of living in Penang, and his time in Changi Jail and in PoW camps on the Burma-Siam Railway

2. Autobiography of TPM Lewis from 1904 to 1957 (unpublished) which describes working in the Education Service in Malaya from 1926 to 1955

3. “Changi-The Lost Years a Malayan Diary 1941-45” by TPM Lewis (1984 and 1989 and with Malay translation 1992 Malaysian Historical Society) a diary of Tiny Lewis (1904-1989) recounting his experiences from December 1941 to 1945 in Malaya, Singapore and Changi and Sime Road Japanese PoW camps with his brother JSA Lewis (original hand written diary deposited by him in the Bodleian Library in Oxford)

4. “Eastern Customs” by Derek Mackay (2005 the Radcliffe Press) with a history of the Customs Service in Malaya and details of the experiences of JSA Lewis in the Customs service from 1928 including his time in Penang during the bombing in December 1941 described in Appendix 1

TPM Lewis ( my father), JSA Lewis (my uncle and husband of Gwynedd Samuel) and GED Lewis  (my uncle)  were brothers who all spent the majority of their working lives in Malaya, were incarcerated in PoW camps and all survived.

5. “The Faraway War” by Richard J Aldrich (2005 Corgi Books). This is probably the best assortment of extracts from the various diaries written about WW2 in Asia and the Pacific

6. “Out in the Midday Sun” by Margaret Shennan (2000 John Murray)

7. “Singapore to Freedom” by Oswald W Gilmour (1943)


The End

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