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Cause of Freedom

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Peter Raymond Lai Kui Fook

Sandakan, North Borneo

Courage in the Cause of Freedom

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Peter Raymond Lai Kui Fook


Map of North Borneo (Sabah)

Profile of PETER RAYMOND LAI KUI FOOK - Sandakan, North Borneo. (1925-2001)

Peter Raymond Lai, the son of Augustine Lai Man and Magdalena Yap of Papar was born on 1st July, 1925.  He was the third son in the family.  When he was only six years old, his mother died after giving birth to his sister Theresa.  Grandmother Mary Lim had to look after them all.  However, as she was old and ailing, she could not cope with looking after them.  Peter’s uncle, Lai Pan, decided to bring them to Sandakan and put them under the care of the Catholic Mission.

Peter and his three brothers, Joseph, Simon and Paul, was sent to St. Mary’s Boarding House.  His sister Theresa was sent to St. Mary’s Convent.  There, they learnt to take care of themselves.  They also learnt about God, and to love and be compassionate towards others.  The boys studied at St. Mary’s Secondary school.

Peter finished his schooling at the age of seventeen.  After leaving school in 1942, he easily got a job as a dresser at the Sandakan Civil Hospital. Apparently, they were impressed with his superior command of English, and his self-assurance. His intelligence, compassion and natural flair in healing the sick and wounded won the praise of his superiors. 

During the same year, he met Gabriela Remedia Lobos, a feisty beauty of Filipino and Spanish descendent.  Against all odds, including initial objections from families of both sides, they were married.

Kings Medal -1

Kings Medal of Courage in the Cause of Freedom

Then the Japanese invaded !!!


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Peter and family 1957-tn

Taken in 1957, twelve years after the war




Peter and Gabriela had five more children after Bryan, three more boys and two girls.  Life had slowly returned to normal and Peter  kept himself busy making a living and taking good care of his family. As for his children, all of them grew up practicing the same compassion and love for others that their father had heroically displayed during the war.

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