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Fepow Verse

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February 1942 - August 1945


Thoughts, impressions and recollections since, by prisoners of the Japanese held at various camps in the Far East


Pathway to Chungkai Pathway to Chungkai by Maurice A Rooney

Fidelity Fidelity by Anonymous 1942 - 1945

Battle for Singapore Battle for Singapore by Anonymous Hakodate POW Camp Japan 1943

Singapore Singapore by Anonymous

Verses From Changi Prison Verses From Changi Prison by Anonymous, 1942 - 1945

Changi Stew Changi Stew by John Clement (5th Field Regt: RA)

Changi Slab Changi Slab by John Clement (5th Field Regt: RA)

Lisbon Maru Lisbon Maru by James Gow

Lines From Taiwan POW Camp No2 1942 Lines From Taiwan POW Camp No2 1942 By M.A Rooney

Prisoners Prayer Prisoners Prayer by M.A Rooney

Down the Mine Down the Mine (Song) - Written and Composed by Trumpeter Arthur Smith

Laughing Boy Laughing Boy (Song) - Written and Composed by Trumpeter Arthur Smith

The Quitter The Quitter by Robert W Service

Christmas Day in Taiwan Christmas Day in Taiwan by M.A Rooney (No 766) `Kinkaseki´

Rice Rice by Anonymous 1942 -1945

More Rice And More Rice by Anonymous 1942 -1945

Thoughts Thoughts by Anonymous 1942 - 1945

Dreams Dreams by Anonymous 1942 - 1945

Elegy for Joe Warnock Elegy for Joe Warnock by Sydney  Hunphreys (5th Field Regt: RA 1943)

Special Parade Special Parade by Frederick Noel Taylor (Death Railway, Thailand 1943-44)

The Fishermans Son The Fisherman´s Son by Ron Taylor

The Railway The Railway by Ron Taylor

Untitled Unanswered Prayers by B.O Miller

Prison Camp Mirage Prison Camp Mirage by Sydney Huimphreys (5th Field Regt: RA 1943)

Mosquitoes Mosquitoes by Sydney Huimphreys (5th Field Regt: RA 1944)

Our Feathered Friend  the Sparrow Our Feathered Friend  the Sparrow by an Anonymous Fepow in Shamshuipo

Prayer of a FEPOW Prayer of a FEPOW by Anonymous

Thoughts of England Thoughts of England by W Richardson 1943

Released Released by Anonymous August 1945

Liberation Liberation by M.A Rooney, Maila, September 1945

Remembered Remembered To the memory of Comrades who died building the Railway

Remembering Remembering by Maurice A Rooney

Pain of the Past Pain of the Past

The Forgotten Army The Forgotten Army by T.Harrison

Trevor James Mead Trevor James Mead by T.Harrison

Thoughts at Kanchanaburi Thoughts at Kanchanaburi by T.Harrison

Armistice Day Armistice Day by T.Harrison

We Will Remember Them We Will Remember Them

The FEPOW Prayer The FEPOW Prayer by Cpl. Arthur E. Ogden and Victor Merrett


Compiled in memory of Maurice A Rooney


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