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And To Think I Volunteered

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Memoirs of

Harry Thorpe

1912 - 1991

Far Eastern Prisoner of War



Having pestered Dad for many years to put down on paper his experiences of his war years, he at last succumbed. I might add he was always reluctant, as he said he wanted to forget.

Dad also had an active and happy youth, which we found quite fascinating and even up to his death, he was a fitness fanatic.

On the day he died, which incidentally was ‘Friday the Thirteenth’ (a most significant date in his life as you will see later in the book), he’d been out shopping with mum and in the evening, Richard called for him to go to the local pub for a game of pool, which he loved to play. Unfortunately, at the end of the evening he suddenly fell ill with a terrible pain in his stomach. Richard managed to get him home but dad felt worse so Richard called an ambulance. Dad passed away on the operating table with a ruptured abdominal aneurysm. A quick way to go, but a helluva shock to mum and the family.

The book is in dad’s own words. He had a wonderful memory and the detail he recalled never failed to amaze us, I hope you enjoy the content.

      Early Years Early Years

      Phony War Phony War

      The Journey The Journey - Real War

      Singapore Singapore - Real War

      Prisoners of War Prisoners of War

          Changi Changi

          Up Country Up Country

          Infamous Railway Infamous Railway

           Back to Singapore

      Coming Home Coming Home

      Fighting the Peace Fighting the Peace

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His Loving sons Alan and Richard.

The FEPOW Prayer

And we that are left grow old with the years

Remembering the heartache, the pain and the tears

Hoping and praying that never again

Man will sink to such sorrow and shame

The price that was paid we will always remember

Every day, every month, not just in November.

We Shall Remember Them


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