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Outstanding Bravery Award

Outstanding Bravery
Friday 22nd June 2007

Music Hall



65 years after being taken prisoner by the Japanese in WWII, a veteran is remembered. A living nightmare with unbelievable mental and physical torment caused many Far East PoW to die in their three and a half years in captivity. This is a tribute to one who survived to tell his story.


The Music Hall was packed with an audience of 700 people, 300 of whom attended dinner, after which the 2007 Awards were presented, this was sponsored by Northsound Radio with the main sponsor being George Wimpeys.


A gospel Choir, well known in London song in the gallery to those seated below.

As the award ceremony approached, there was a fanfare and an announcement of the award for outstanding bravery. Three names were read out followed by a long pause, then Alistair Urquhart was declared as the winner. A short video was played with scenes from Japanese Camps during WWII with extracts taken in Alistairs home.


Alistair then received a standing ovation from all those present as he made the walk to the stage to receive his award. The clapping and cheering finally subsided as Alistair was interviewed about life in the camps. The questions slowly moved onto his family and Alistair’s grandchild, Fiona, who lives in Canada, at which point the interviewer said:-

“ Then you might be able to recognize this person”


The sponsors then stepped aside and from behind them appeared Fiona from Canada. This was a well kept secret from Alistair who was at first very shocked, which was followed by an unbelievable feeling of wonder and love for the grandchild who he greatly misses.


On returning to his table another chair had been provided for Fiona, with many in tears and Alistair with a lump in his throat. For the next two hours congratulations and kisses from many women, this being an extra bonus for Alistair, with many poses for camera’s.

Finally Alistair’s party were taken back to his hotel by car after a memorable night.



Sharing information with others is rewarding in itself, the pieces from the jigsaw begin to fit together and a picture begins to appear. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.

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