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Alistair Urquhart

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Alistair Urquhart


65 years after being taken prisoner by the Japanese in WWII, a veteran is remembered. A living nightmare with unbelievable mental and physical torment caused many Far East PoW to die in their three and a half years in captivity. This is a tribute to one who survived to tell his story.

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A Hero Finally Recognized
Mary Michael

So our Alistair a special Award has won
For deeds suffered when he was so young
Finally recognition for all he went through
And how well does he deserve it too!

An award to be given after all these years
To be received through an eyeful of tears
A Hero finally recognized for all he did give
So we may all enjoy the lives that we do live

Imagine his delight and surprise
To be nominated for such a prize
To be recognized for all he suffered through
As a Jap Prisoner of War in World War Two

Outstanding Bravery Award for Aberdeen 2007
For a hero who the war he helped to win
So proud he stands as the award is given
Presented by the city that he does live in

At the ceremony he's given a standing ovation
Seven hundred stand and cheer with admiration
Being honoured after sixty long years
All attending quietly shed a few tears

North Sound Radio a surprise do they give
Found out where his granddaughter did live
Suddenly on the stage she magically appears
The audience goes wild with shouts and cheers

All this done to show that there are others who care
All that he went through while he was over there
Let this award be proof that we will never forget
That to all the FEPOW's we owe such a debt

So Alistair enjoy your own very special award
Display it prominently on your sideboard
Enjoy all the memories it will surely evoke
And remember another jab at the Japs you did poke!

Alistair Died 7th October 2016

Age 97

Rest In Peace, God Bless

For Alistair

By Mary Michael


There are no words to say enough

About a man whom we all love

Some people just get into your heart

And his name is Alistair Urquhart


Of himself no man could give more

As he did during the Second World War

He had a hard story he wanted to tell

Which started the day Singapore fell


His memories he wanted to share

Though remembering for him was hard to bear

For all to read he wrote his book

Despite the grief and pain it took


But Alistair did finish his tale

And the book did go on sale

So much he could tell and teach

So many he did try to reach


The Gordon highlanders have lost their own

One of the finest perhaps to be known

The pipe's a sad tune today will play

The day that Alistair was taken away


But his kindness and warmth will stay

Within our hearts remembered each day

His inspiration and love will live on

No, Alistair, you will never be forgotten

Alistair Urquhart with Medals-2

Photo by Alan Richardson


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