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History of the Regiment

137 (Army) Field Regiment

The regiment was formed 17th June 1939. Being under strength intakes from Lancashire, Yorkshire, London and other areas were added until the regiment embarked for Singapore in September 1941 .

At the fall of Singapore 15th February 1942 the regiment was placed in a state of suspended animation. It was never re-formed. From December 8th 1941 to August 15th 1945 the following casualties occurred :-

Killed on active service


Missing - NKG


Killed in Action


Killed as a result of bombing at Tebong 10/1/42


Died at sea en route for Japan


Died in prisoner of war camps




Total death roll 



17th June 1939

The regiment was formed in Blackpool




Moved to Oulton Park, Cheshire.


Moved to Liverpool and its environment.


Moved to Larkhill, Salisbury Plain to be trained as the Depot Regiment for the School of Artillery.



27th September 1941

Embarked at Liverpool on the Dominion Monarch bound for Singapore.


Arrived at Singapore and entrained immediately for Kajang, near Kuala Lumpur.



8th December 1941

Moved to Jitra crossroads, on the Thai / Malay border, where the enemy was engaged immediately.



7th January 1942

Two thirds of the Regiment were cut off at Slim River, north of Kuala Lumpur. The remnants were attached to other regiments.



15th February 1942

The surrender at Singapore took place.



 As prisoners of war of the Japanese, the regiment suffered durance vile in those hell camps in the Far East.        


The End



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