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HMS Exeter

HMS Exeter

York Class Heavy Cruiser
Built by Devonport Dockyard. Laid Down 1 August 1928.
Launched 18 July 1929. Completed 27 July 1931.
Damaged by Graf Spee 13/12/39 - repaired Devonport 2/40 - 3/41.
Sunk 1 March 1942 at the Battle of the Java Sea


HMS Exeter was the fourth Exeter launched to fight on the waters for Britain.

She was a cruiser with six 8-inch and four 4-inch guns, built at Devonport Dockyard. The keel was laid in August 1928, launched on 18th July 1929 by Lady Madden and commissioned at Plymouth 21st July 1931. Her complement varied between 600 and 630 men.

She was built as a one off, due to limitations on armament from the WWI treaty.

On her completion, Exeter joined the 2nd Cruiser Squadron with the Atlantic Fleet, where she served during 1931-35. Exeter the was then sent to the Mediterranean during the Abyssinian crisis of 1935-36, until 1939.

At the beginning of the war she formed Force G, with Cumberland, off the east coast of South America. Although damaged, she played a part in Britain’s first naval success of WWII.

Battle of the River Plate Battle of the River Plate

    Simeon Warder Simeon Warder

    Despatch - The Battle of the Plate Despatch by Rear Admiral Harwood Despatch - The Battle of the Plate Despatch by Rear Admiral Harwood

Sinking of the Exeter Sinking of the Exeter

    Despatch - The Battle of the Java Sea by Commodore J.A Collins Despatch - The Battle of the Java Sea by Commodore J.A Collins

Bibliography by Rob Rae Bibliography by Rob Rae

HMS Exeter Crew Roll HMS Exeter Crew Roll



The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter

St Andrew's Chapel

 Glass window in the cathedral

Dedicated to the officers and crew of HMS Exeter

Christ Walking on the Water




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