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Wins Poems
Win’s Poems


My Love, I cry for you,

Those eyes have seen such horror cruelty suffering and despair

One cannot ever dispel it over years.

Memories can also be in reverse and cannot be erased ever.

What can I say my love, I only care and support you.

Love always, a FEPOWS wife !



    Achievements Achievements

    A Doctor A Doctor

    Aged Ones Aged Ones

    A Leader Be A Leader Be - 07/03/2004

    A Lie A Lie

    A Little Boys Quest A Little Boys Quest - 29/05/2004

    All My Years All My Years - 11/01/2004

    All Our Christmases All Our Christmases

    Always Young Always Young - 07/01/2004

    A Mother in War A Mother in War - 29/05/2004

    An Artist An Artist - 02/03/2004

    An Organizer An Organizer - 19/03/04

    As the Years Go By As the Years Go By

    A Sailor A Sailor

    As We Were As We Were

    A Shooting Star A Shooting Star - 17/05/2004

    A Way of Life A Way of Life - 18/03/2004

    A Wife A Wife - 20/03/2004

    A World Goes By A World Goes By - 28/03/2004


    A Wish A Wish

    Autumn Autumn

    Battlefield Battlefield

    Battle of the Roads Battle of the Roads

    Being a Mother Being a Mother - 20/03/2004

    Bluebell Time Bluebell Time - 12/05/2004

    Bude Bude - Cornwall

    Busy Fingers Busy Fingers - 11/01/2004

    Can One Tell Can One Tell - 03/01/2004

    Camparisons Be Camparisons Be

    Christmas Christmas

    Computer History Computer History - 17/03/04

    Computer Journey Computer Journey - 10/01/2004

    Computer Virus Computer Virus - 17/03/04

    Courage Courage

    Destination Destination - 30/12/2004

    Don't be Sad Don’t be Sad

    Dusk Dusk

    Each Day Each Day - 08/01/2004

    Early Dawn Early Dawn

    Early Morn Early Morn

    End to Anger End to Anger

    Eternal Struggle Eternal Struggle

    Evening Star Evening Star

    Eventide Eventide

    Evolution Evolution - 07-01-2004

    Explanations Explanations - 04/02/2004

    Faithful Pippy Faithful ‘Pippy’

    Family Man Family Man

    Family of Man Family of Man

    Family Values Family Values

    Farewell Farewell

     Farewell (2)

    Fate be a Dancer Fate be a Dancer

    Fepow Heroes Fepow Heroes - 22/03/2004

    Fepow's Return Fepow’s Return

    Fepow's Wives Fepow’s Wives

    Find Release Find Release

    For All Our Years For All Our Years

    For Our Tomorrow For Our Tomorrow

    Frosty Light Frosty Light

    Future Future

    Future Of Us All Future Of Us All

    Future of our Youth Future of our Youth

    Future Secure Future Secure

    Going Away Going Away

    Guardians Of Us All Guardians Of Us All

    Healing Time Healing Time

    Home Home - 24/02/04

    Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home - 08/03/2004

    Hope Hope

    Hurt Hurt

    I Am I Am - 21/03/2004

    Insincerity Insincerity


    Knowledge Knowledge

    Learning From Life Learning From Life

    Legacy of Life Legacy of Life


Lessons Lessons

Life Life

Lonely Stranger Lonely Stranger

Loo Loo - Cornwall

Looking Back Looking Back - 26/01/2004

Love and Understanding Love and Understanding

Love Is Love Is - 01/01/2004

Man Man

Mankind Mankind - 09/03/04

Memories Memories

Military Women WWII Military Women WWII - 17/05/2004

Moon Light Moon Light

Mother Mother

Mothers Mothers

Mother Earth Mother Earth

Muffled Tread Muffled Tread

My Favourite People My Favourite People - 26/03/2004

My Own Years My Own Years

 My Quest

Mysteries Mysteries

My World My World

Nations Nations

Natures Faith Natures Faith

Natures Pattern Natures Pattern

Nobody Nobody

Our Children Our Children - 01/02/2004

Our Tomorrow Our Tomorrow

 Our World - 18/03/2004

Our Yesterdays Our Yesterdays

Passage of Time Passage of Time

Past Years Past Years

Past Virtues Past Virtues

Peace Peace

Peace of Mind Peace of Mind

People of the New Millenium People of the New Millenium

People of the World People of the World

Place of Peace Place of Peace

Pleasure of the Past Pleasure of the Past

Principles Principles

Progress Progress

Rampage Rampage

Reason Reason

Remember the Brave Remember the Brave

Remembrance Remembrance

Robot Man Robot Man

Seeing it in a New Light Seeing it in a New Light

Shame Shame

Showing We Care Showing We Care

Soldiers Be Soldiers Be - 29/01/2004

Strngth of Life Strength of Life

Sunset of Life Sunset of Life - 26/03/2004

The Ambulance Men The Ambulance Men

The Eye Clinic The Eye Clinic - 08/03/2004

The Fool The Fool

The Soldier The Soldier

Thoughts Thoughts

Time Time

Time Passes Time Passes

Time To Travel On Time To Travel On

toil Toil - 03/01/2004

To Our Beloved Young To Our Beloved Young

Turmoil Turmoil

Understanding Understanding

Unsafe World Unsafe World

War War

What Is What Is ? - 22/03/2004

Winter Winter

Women-Mothers of the World Women ! Mothers of the World

Words Words - 02/01/2004

World World

Years Years

Years Gone Years Gone

Yesterday Yesterday

Yesterdays Yesterdays

Yob Busters Yob Busters

Young Life Young Life


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Wins Letters



     Letter to Jamie Cann

 Letter from Edward Heath

 Letter from Harwood Harrison

Letter from Martin Bell Letter from Martin Bell






Other Verse



    A Land No Longer Fit For Heroes A Land No Longer Fit For Heroes

    Fepow Prayer Fepow Prayer

    Just a Simple Soldier Just a Simple Soldier

    Ode to Win the Scribe Ode to Win the Scribe

Suicide in the Trenches Suicide in the Trenches

The Good Lord has a Sense of Humour, I Hope The Good Lord has a Sense of Humour, I Hope

Visit to Tarmakan Bridge Visit to Tarmakan Bridge



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