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The next port of call (now Sri Lanka).they had a good trip for the remainder of the journey no sighting of Japanese air craft.

On arrival they were met by doctor and nurses to attend the walking wounded, dad with the little gang disembarked to be met by nuns running a soup kitchen, tea and butties and change of clothes haven!!

Phil put two and two together and just happened to mention one of his sisters in law was in Madras India as a new arrival to the presentation Covent school.

Remarkably one of the nuns had travel out with my aunty Pat. It was a sudden conversion, Catholic from Church of England, lucky Jack Twiss turned out to be catholic so he knew all the right things to say. Off they went to the convent bath good old British food saying grace like an old one dad was in his element, by now it was over a month after the fall of Singapore and dad had been posted missing believed killed.

The telegram arrived at 62 Harrison St, Barrow in Furness to cry of NO!  from my mum. 48 hours after marrying Phil. Kathleen had not seen him since. She was distraught, but life must go on and it was back to Vickers Armstrong making machine gun bullets and later aircraft parts.

Phil soon put his new found religion to the test by asking the nuns to try and get a letter to his sister in law, the nun she had met on the way to India.

No problem she said and I will send a letter to the young nun to tell her to send a letter to your wife. With the loss of Singapore letters were taking months and sometime never arrived.

Letter from Convent in Ceylon-tn

Letter from convent in Ceylon  


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