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My name is Keith Pryor, I am 85 years old and live in Sydney Australia, which was also the place of my birth.

I well remember that wedding, as I was the nineteen year old Assistant Purser of the Manunda at the time.  The Master’s name was Captain S. G. Webb.

The ship arrived at Labuan Island on 4th September 1945 from Morotai and embarked ex POW’s for Singapore, and sailed on 6th September, arriving Singapore on 10th September 1945.  After arrival in Singapore I was given the responsibility of going ashore and locating the appropriate office and registering that marriage which had taken place on board on the voyage from Labuan Island.

It is also interesting for me to now note that one of the seven children of the marriage was named after the Manunda.

Over the years I have related the story of that marriage on the ship and the task that I was given to register same in Singapore, but with the passing of the years I had forgotten the names, merely referring to the couple as two ex POW’s.

“Manunda” pre and post war was an Australian interstate passenger vessel owned by The Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd. (for whom I worked for many years)  and was requisitioned as a hospital ship.  She was crewed by merchant navy with Australian Army medical personnel staffing the hospital facilities.



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