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Memoirs of Douglas Morris

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Memoirs of Douglas Morris


Douglas E D Morris

Now in March 2003 and shortly in July this year to reach my 91st birthday, I have decided I must answer the pressure from a number of relatives and good friends to put on paper a little of our life story. This I will try to do with all humility but it is the wonderful story of the life and accomplishments of Joan Richardson, the girl who in March 1940 came out to Malaya to marry me and was my beloved wife for 62 years and in spite of many hazards, wonderfully happy before being called to her eternal rest in October 2001 at the splendid age of 92.

To recall briefly a little of my early days, my dear father always hoped I was to be a soldier so, to his delight, I passed into Sandhurst to start in January 1931 from my Public School, Bloxham.

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Douglas will be 100 years old on 12th July 2012 so it seems appropriate to add his account to the Far Eastern Heroes collection. It was hand written by him some eighteen months after Joan's death and it was my privilege to type and edit it.

I have been retained by Douglas and his now late wife Joan since 1998 and, with his advanced years, looking after him is now my full time occupation. He enjoys good health and is at peace with the world. I still find it remarkable that he bears no animosity towards the Japanese and it was with great difficulty that I persuaded him to apply for the British Government compensation grant a few years ago. His memory is now failing so I, for one, am pleased that we have a record of his career and particularly of his time in captivity.

I hope you may find the time to read his story.

 Best regards,

 Simon Hunt.


My thanks to Simon Hunt who typed and supplied the Memoirs of Douglas.

We all wish Douglas the best on his 100th birthday, a remarkable man.







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