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Frederick Ernest Wiles

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Frederick Ernest Wiles

5th Battalion

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

F. E. Wiles in American uniform after rescue

Photo taken in American uniform after sea rescue

In World War two Frederick Ernest Wiles, born 1920, formerly a boxer, was serving in the Beds & Herts regiment when he was captured at the fall of Singapore in 1942. A prisoner of the Japanese, he was sent to work on the notorious Burma railroad where the chances of survival were very poor. Then came the horrendous sinking of the Rakoyu Maru by an American submarine.

Notes by Frederick Ernest Wiles Notes by Frederick Ernest Wiles

Tribute by Ray Woods Tribute by Ray Woods

Pampanito Report Pampanito Report

Frederick Wiles left four children and is buried in All Saints churchyard at Warlingham, Surrey, along with his parents and his sister, Ellen.



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