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Under the Heel of a Brutal Enemy

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Chaplain L. Marsden Epic Story of Australians Lost Division

Under the Heel of a Brutal Enemy

Our Catholic Boys Kept the Faith

November 15 1945

THE CATHOLIC WEEKLY is proud to present today this story of the Catholic men of Australia’s Eighth Division, as told by one of their own Chaplains, the Rev. Father L. Marsden, S.M. The valiant Eighth was swept into captivity at the fall of Singapore, after a bitter defence of the Malayan Peninsula, against picked Guards Divisions of the Imperial Japanese Army. Many stories of their experiences have since been told, but this story is unique. It is told by one of that select band of men whose lives were devoted to the spiritual welfare of the best of Australia’s sons. He gave it for publication unwillingly because he believed others could say so much more. Be that as it may, we feel sure that what follows will be an inspiration to Australians and a comfort to those whose dear ones will never return.



      Sailing to Singapore Sailing to Singapore

      Into Captivity Into Captivity

      The Nightmare Brings Death The Nightmare Brings Death

      Healing the Wounds at Singapore Healing the Wounds at Singapore


As told to the editor of the Catholic Weekly


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