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The Changi Sketch Book

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Far Eastern Heroes

The Changi Sketch Book




Jan Willem Coppenrath


Jan was a gifted artist in the Netherlands Army, he was captured when Java fell to the Japanese on the 8th March 1942.

On 9th February 1943, Jan was transported to Singapore in the Roko Maru with 1000 PoW’s making up Java Party 13. He then started his ‘Changi Sketch Book’ till he was released in September 1945.

As Jan was a pharmacist he worked closely with medical staff and was under Major William John Elliott Phillips.  Major Phillips was Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services in the Royal Army Medical Corps, at Tanbaya on the Thailand-Burma Railway, which was an ‘F’ Force Hospital, then later at Adam Park and Changi Prison.

Jan’s Sketch Book illustrates in great detail his life as a PoW.


    The Changi Sketch Book


    Jan Willem Coppenrath


        Roll of Honour Jan’s Roll of Honour Page

        Changi Singapore Changi Singapore

        Thailand - Burma Railway Thailand - Burma Railway

        Changi Prison Changi Prison

        Adam Road Camp Adam Road Camp

        Liberation Liberation


        Medical Notes Medical Notes


My thanks to Peter Coppenrath for supplying and giving me the permission to add his father’s ‘Changi Sketch Book’ to the Far Eastern Heroes.

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