Sketch by Jack Chalker

Reg Rainer Returns

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Reg Rainer Returns

Private 5826866

4th Suffolks

18th Division


Poems by Win Rainer



I will wear my poppy with pride

For all those gallant lads who died,

They belong in my young years

The fear and heartache worry and tears,

They didn’t have any teenage time

Abruptly thrown into the front line,

The anguish of those will never be told

When young boys became men never to grow old.


“The young soldier is me, Private Reg Rainer, 5826866, taken after the war, do not look so young now as I’m now over 80 years old.

I was in the 4th Suffolks, same brigade as the Norfolks, during the war we spent some time training with them at Norwich and later shared time with them as a Jap pow and on the death railway. Being with the first party to travel in those hot cattle trucks into Thailand, we were based at Non Pladuk, making ready the huts and clearing the jungle for the parties that were to follow.

Have re-visited with the Norfolks, being the first party to go back after the war. We made a film of this which I’ve shown to many organisations in this area now on a video.

I’ve now been back three times so my wife (Win) tells me.”


    Those War Years Those War Years

        Leaving Home Leaving Home

        A Soldier Battles On A Soldier Battles On - Singapore

        When Hope is Gone When Hope is Gone - Changi

            History of Changi History of Changi

        Act of Courage Act of Courage - Death Railway

            Bridge Over the River Kwae Bridge Over the River Kwae

            History of Death Railway History of Death Railway

            Map of Camps Map of Camps on Death Railway

            Cemeteries Cemeteries

        Deep Despair Deep Despair - Kanasai Camp - Japan

        Free at Last Free at Last - Journey Home

        Courage to Endure Courage to Endure - Post War

    Re-Visited Re-Visited - 1st Party to Go Back After the War

    Win's Poems Win’s Poems

    In Search of Medal In Search of Medal

    Prologue Prologue


Story compiled from Reg Rainer’s emails to Ron Taylor

©  Reg Rainer - Win Rainer - Ron Taylor 2003



Fepow Prayer by unknown

Win Rainer’s Poems - © Copyright Win Rainer

Bridge Over the River Kwae - Booklet - Printed by Sirichai Press

Railway of Death - John Coast - Printed by Hyperion Press

The Bridge Over the River Kwae - Pierre Boulle by Bantam Books

Hellfire Pass - sketch by Jack Chalker

Reg and Win - talked freely about those war years and I would like to thank them both for sharing their thoughts, poems and memorabilia.


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