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John Collier Gransden

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Far Eastern Heroes

John Collier Gransden

(Known as Johnnie)

John in Uniform

In 1932, as an engineer aged 23, John left Comeford Road, Brockley, SE4 for Liverpool docks where he embarked with 13 other 1st Class passenger on the Aeneas. The ships final port of call was China, but John’s destination was Singapore not knowing what was in store for him in the years to follow.

This is his story told by his daughter Rosemary.


John Collier Gransden  1909 - 1994


 Rosemary Gransden

My father was born in Greenwich on 18th May 1909 to Thomas Charles Gransden and Margaret Ethel Gransden, nee Simmons and as a boy was known as Jack.

Margaret Ethal Gransden

Margaret Ethel Gransden

After studying for a degree in engineering at Goldsmith’s College, London, John joined the Borneo Company at their London head office in Fenchurch Street before in 1932 at the age of 23, he was posted to the firm’s Singapore office as a Junior Manager, taking the long five week sea voyage from Liverpool on the Aeneas, a ship owned by the Blue Funnel Line’s Ocean Steamship Company. Under the ship’s master, W C Wallace, the ship carried 14 passengers, it’s final destination being China.


The Aeneas - 6256 tons, ships number 131305

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