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Jack Symon

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Hell in Five


Jack Symon


As a Corporal of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, Jack Symon was posted to the Far East. At the fall of Singapore, he was made a prisoner of war by the Japanese.


4th Battalion Royal Norfolks

Jack Symon is 10th from left back row

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He worked on the notorious “Railway of Death” in Thailand.

Having survived many adventures, he was shipped to Japan and worked in the coalmines sited only a few miles from the doomed city of Nagasaki.

Market0052Jack Symon was born in Fraserbugh, Scotland and as a `Cooper´ followed the Scottish fishing fleet to Great Yarmouth, making his barrels, he married a Yarmouth girl and now lives in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.



 Hell in Five Hell in Five

 Reunion Reunion with Fred Taylor after fifty years

I dedicate this story to the men who were killed on active service in Malaya and Singapore and to the prisoners of war who died in prison camps in the Far East.





Jack has given me permision to put the book on the Internet for all to read. It is a great insight into the four years spent as a Japanese POW, showing that although, starved, beaton and dying these men still kept their comradeship and dignity.

One chapter will be added each month over the next eighteen, untill the full story unfolds. A story told through the eyes of one of the 100,000 men held in Japanese Hell Holes in the Far East during World War Two.

All of them hero´s.

Ron Taylor


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