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Experiences of Cecil Saunders

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Experiences of Cecil Saunders

As a German and Japanese Civilian prisoner of war

10th May 1942 - 14th September 1945


Cecil Saunders


October, 1945,

My period of captivity can be readily divided into three parts.  The first part while in the hands of the Germans; the second, and by far the largest part, under the Japanese; and the third part, after the conclusion of the Armistice with Japan on the 14th August, 1945, until I left Yokohama on 14th September, 1945.

      SS Nankin SS Nankin

        Thor Thor - German Raider

      Japanese POW Japanese POW

        Fukushima Roster Fukushima Roster

      The War Ends The War Ends



Synopsis Supplied by Tim Fogarty



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