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Bill Young

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Bill Young 

Bill Young on right taken 2009

Photo supplied by Di Elliott

Bill was just 15 years of age when he enlisted to fight for Australia in World War II. Bill lied about his age but as he looked older then his 15 years, he was excepted. Bill is one of the Sandakan POWs who survived the war and escaped the Death Marches as he was sentenced at Kuching, for escaping from Sandakan POW Camp, serving his sentence at Outram Road Prison in Singapore.


Poem - Yesterday is not dead and gone Poem - Yesterday is not dead and gone, it’s just resting

Transcript of a Speech Transcript of a Speech - Burwood Sandakan Memorial Service

At Sandakan and on the death marches to Ranau, almost 2,500 Australian and British prisoners of war died as a direct result of Japanese barbarity.


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