Sketch by Jack Chalker

18th Division



The British 18th Division


USS West Point -3

55 Infantry Brigade. USS West Point

1/5th Sherwood Foresters

1st Cambridgeshire Regiment

5th  Beds and Herts Regiment


Wakefield -2

54 Infantry Brigade. USS Wakefield

4th Suffolk Regiment

5th Suffolk Regiment

4th Royal Norfolk Regiment


Mount Vernon -2

53 Infantry Brigade. USS Mount Vernon

2nd Cambridgeshire Regiment

5th Royal Norfolk Regiment

 6th Royal Norfolk Regiment


Royal Army Medical Corps

196  Field Ambulance

197  Field Ambulance

198  Field Ambulance


Royal Artillery

88th  Field Regiment

118th Field Regiment

135th Field Regiment

148th Field Regiment

85th Anti-Tank Regiment

125th Anti-Tank Regiment


Royal Engineers

287 Field Company

288 Field Company

560 Field Company

251 Field Company


Royal Army Service Corps


53rd Brigade Group Company

54th  Brigade Group Company

55th  Brigade Group Company

18th Division Troops Company

16th Mobile Bath Unit


Royal Army Ordnance Corps

18th Division Ordnance Workshops

18th Division Field Company


18th Divisional Troops


9th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

Recce Corps  (5th Loyals)




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