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Mentioned In Despatches

Mentioned In Despatches

It is not known if the incident near Batu Pahat on the 16th January 1942 resulted in Walter being mentioned in Despatches, in the London Gazette of 1st August 1946 56 and is shown under

The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Malaya in 1942 and is shown under F.M.S.V.F.57

London Gazette

As Walter is shown as Corporal Pollock and reference to 1942, then this means the Mention in Despatches was for something related to his involvement in the Malayan Campaign.

These Mentions in Despatches were awarded after a recommendation from a senior officer. However, Malayan Campaign/Japanese captivity awards were usually a lower level of award than they would have been in a more successful campaign.

For the certificate and covering letter, see Appendix 2.



56 In an enquiry to the National Archives at Kew in March 2102, I was told that the actual award recommendations of this kind have gone missing or have been destroyed.

57 Issue 37671 The London Gazette 1-8-1946 (30 July 1946 –supplement). p3919



Postscript - The 1st Independent Infantry Company


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