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Best Leggi Man in the Business


Best Leggi Man in the Business


Harold Evans

Harold Evans, sometimes known as “Bill”, “Chota”, and “The Best Leggi Man in the Business”, was born in Bootle, Merseyside on 11th August 1908 of Walter & Margaret Evans. He had two sisters, Margaret & Dorothy. He married the seven years younger Joyce Marty Johnston Hall on 5th August 1939, during RAF leave. They took a short weekend break as a token Honeymoon before he returned to his duties as an RAF Corporal. It was not until after the war that they enjoyed a full honeymoon in Cornwall. He also had to wait until after the war to climb the ranks and he remained in active service until his retirement in 1973. His last ten years in service were as an instructor to new recruits at RAF Credenhill, Hereford. Despite ill-health, he enjoyed thirteen years of retirement and worked as an officer in the RAF Benevolent Fund and the RAFA. His pastimes included various sports and he would never say no to a good game of Cribbage or Phat (a regional card game with very strange rules as I remember! SPE). Until the very week of his death he participated in a weekly game of Skittles with the RAFA Team. These wartime recollections were started after his first stroke in 1984, using a child’s typewriter, and he died following another stroke and heart-attack on 11th November 1986. The funeral was on 14th November and all present were deeply moved by the unannounced arrival of an RAFA standard-bearer who quietly stood by the coffin throughout the service, only moving to dip the flag to ground level as he was carried on his last journey. He loved the RAF and they were with him to the very end.



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