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      Feb 42

        Small Units Cook House in what is now BathHouse.  5 Stoves to new design with Circular Draught First Job in Camp.

      March 42

        Build Kitchen for Officers in Jubilee 3 stoves & Friers c iron around the Building, doors & Generally making place liveable   .

      April 42

        Papoloff C/House in Jubilee flat cement stone etc.

      April 42

        RAMC Company C/House 2 stoves & Friers Biff Nable.

      May – July 42

        RAMC. Hospital C/House. 3 Stoves, Water Heater, frier Wok and larger boiler for Veg Cooking this took on & off quite a time as materials were scarce & we were on our own

      Nov 42

        Hosp move to Jubilee 4 woks Repairs to stoves etc  

      Dec 42

        Hospital North Area shins only 3 stoves  

      Jan - Feb 43

        Imperial C/House to be made by extending the old Volunteer C/House 6 stoves 2 Boilers special frier  

      Feb 43

        Start on C/House now Tin Dump stopped by Draft  

      Feb 43

        Repairs to Ration stores door sink etc.  

      Feb 44

        Windows in Maintenance Hut  

      Feb 43

        Imperial Kitchen complete on to mess on South side no other C/Houses just Hospital

      19-2-43. urgent work till 6PM.

        Pig and Poultry Farm sties runs and perches building with all windows shuttered  


        Duck Farm and Pond overflow & Inlet  


        Windows in Huts for cripples from Bowen Road  

      April 43

        Disinfection for clothes and Patients Kit   .


        Colonels. Ganrden and wall Bricklaying  

      June 43

        Ornamental Gold Fish Pond for Colonel 


        Turf for Colonels Gaarden Trip out to House on Hill.

      July 43

        Operating Theatre special Windows etc   .

      26-July 43

        Operating Theatre lamp shadowless  

      26 July 43

        Ramp for curb leading to sheboo for car to run up  

      27 Aug 43

        Hospital C/House Repairs & reconstruction of all …….. and Imir, Repairs to roof. Mess in Hosp C/House  

      23-Sept 43

        Repairs to Bakery ovens floor Hot job  

      6-Oct 43

        Hosp Kitchen Boilers Repairs clean flues 

      16-Oct 43

        Rig us sports Field for Japanese shelters etc  

      22-Oct 43

        Duck Farm.  Shelter separation Runs etc  

      3-Nov 43

        12 Pig sties with 9” wall   .

      16-Nov 43

        Bath water heater for CC at his house outside

      8-Dec 43

        Prepare 8 huts with doors shelters lights for Draft

      17-Dec 43

        Build Bath Room on Verandah of C C  House outside

      1-4-44 – 2-3-44  

        Make steam Baker for Bakery as no flour an Rice flour crumbles when baked  


        Head Quarter wa.. Air Raid Shelter outside 

      21-4-44 – 1-5-44

        Officers C/House F Lines.  6 cookers.  Veg room Repairs to Roof and Doors & windows on F Lines Huts


        Start work Jubilee Cook House for Japanese which comprised months of work.  Cement being supplied for 6 cookers.  Then a small range for the officers.


        Draining Jubilee Area by Pipelinesand cutting through the sea wall.  This was done twice to obtain satisfaction


        Cutting through sea wall to greater depth


        Cutting runways each side of cook House


        Repairs to Top floor Flat Jubilee Roof


        4 cookers for special camp at Ma Ta Chong


        Burma Road & work on Jubilee again


        Build Chicken and Duck farm Complete with Pond


        Build pig farm 4 sties


        Build Rabbitery in Jubilee north with Bill only


        Repairs to Cookers and Roof of Imperial C/House


        Make bed for Bowen Road patient coming in


        While at Jubilee we had also Built Complete Bath House on the style of the Red Cross one in the line.  2 Bath large and 8 ….with separate furnaces this would be about . July and August 1944 all that time was spent at Jubilee.  Once we had to go back & make the Bath House Draught Proof


        More beds for more Bowen Road people


        Making windows to put in lines & about time

      6-1-45 onwards

        Build extension on to Japanese Ring hall and Roof it over with Floor Boarding.


      Making windows at odd times for the lines.


        New Cloth Frames to cover Bread White Bakery


        The flues in Bakery oven h….. Blocked and Bill & I spent New Years Day repairing Filthy Job

      Feb 45

        ReDressing top of large WOK cooker in No1 C/House


        Building Air Raid shelters at H. Quarters


        Make windows for huts.  Stone for small fire in Bunk.  Tables and stools for Camp Commandant.


        Air Raid shelter still in progress at H.Q.  I am not on the shelter job to date.


        Making one hut of old new & Cripples Home by knocking down the dividing walls 18 in all 

      5 to 12-4-45

        Dividing Gaol in two building wall & door. Shelf for Capt Crew


        Imperial Cook House outside Cookers & wall for Hosp to move in  

      18 to 27-4-45

        New dysentery ward partition and awning14/4/45Air RaidShelter for C/C outside sherboo

      28 to 30-4-45

        New Guard Room officers Camp Verandah. Etc.


        Black out Curtains 3 windows for C C

      3 to 4-5-45

        Brick up Rear Entrances of North Jubilee


        2. air Raid Shelters Jubilee Lance pattern


        Rabbit Hutches – Pig Trough and make chicken farm cat proof this combined with shelter approx 1 week for shelters 16 men.

      2 to 10-6-45

        Build Tower for Sentry

      10 to 14-6-45

        Wine Officers Camp.


        Working Parties 12 a day 2 on 1 off days


        Pilly bacon hut at Ma Ta Chong all maintenance


        Back on lower. At South end of Camp. Working Party 3 each day


        Build Tower. at Pier no more working parties


        Pull down Pier


        Bricking up flats in Jubilee start  

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